Word up – Our new on hold!

Word up – Our new on hold!

Creative (adjective) – relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.

‘Being Creative’ is an expression that I’m not comfortable with. I hear it and think of people who are far cooler than me, who live in Camden, who have Macs and are… well… cool.

My most recent experience of ‘Creative’ happened whilst watching adverts (for the first time in a while, thank you Sky+). Whilst grumbling at having to endure the ads, the Just-Eat one came on. You know the one, where they re-hash Bonnie Tyler’s ‘I need a Hero’ to promote ordering a take away through their app/website. I know it’s a concept that’s been done before but the ad got me and made me want to find the ‘Creative’ person who came up with it and shake their hand. Replacing ‘Larger than Life’ with ‘Mushroom Fried Rice’ and fitting that into a line of the advert is a stroke of genius. If you don’t believe me watch the ad here

In the office the next day I started telling anyone and everyone how great the ad was and suggested that we should do something similar for our on hold. Everyone looked at me like I was mad and also told me that we don’t sell food – they’re a sarcastic bunch at times. Not to be put off I set Terry, a script-writer here in the office (and keen musician), the task of taking an 80’s iconic track and making something fun for our on hold out of it. He did, to the tune of Word Up. He even went into the studio and sang it – and we loved it. Have a listen;

His ‘Mushroom Fried Rice’ moment (I know that’s not a thing but it’s becoming one) was outstanding, ‘Put your phone to your ear and one thing’s clear, people get the message like it’s written by Shakespeare’. Ok, it’s a bit longer than mushroom fried rice but even so…

If you’d like to talk to us about being creative with your on hold then please do give us a call on 01277 374600.