How About On Hold Marketing

1. Is there a minimum contract?

All our agreements are for an initial 12 month term. After the initial 12 months our service continues to run on a quarterly basis.

2. I’ve been quoted much more – why the difference?

We want to be efficient, environmentally responsible and keep costs down for our customers. No sales team means no commission, no fuel bills and our cloud-based systems mean our office is paperless. Our reduced costs result in a lower cost service for you.

3. Is my phone system compatible?

99% of phone systems are compatible. Tell us your phone system and we’ll let you know.

4. Do I need hardware to play on hold marketing?

That depends on your phone system. Some phone systems can have files loaded directly onto them – eg. VoIP systems. Give us some details of your system and we’ll let you know. If you need a player there’s no difference in price as it’s included within the package.

5. Can the on hold marketing messages be written for me?

Yes, our script writers are available to write messages as and when you need them.

6. What is a PRS/PPL licence? And do I need one?

PRS/PPL are the regulatory organisations who look after music artists. Essentially they protect artists’ interests and charge for any music being played that can be heard by anyone apart from you. Our service includes a content licence protecting you from PRS/PPL fees – so no, you don’t need one. Please note – our licence only covers the content we provide. If you play our music in-store, in the office or in a warehouse you’re not covered for that.

7. How long does it take to record my messages?

Once we’ve agreed a script your messages will be recorded and live within 2 working days.

8. How do I update my messages?

Really easily. Log in to our website, submit information to our script writers and they’ll come back to you with a polished script. If you’re happy, approve it and we get it recorded, produced and playing on your phone system in quick time. If you’d like to amend the script writer’s suggestion then you can do that too.

9. How often should I update my messages?

Our on hold service updates every day with fresh content such as the News and Weather. You can update your marketing messages as and when you want to. There are 12 within the package for the year and they can be used at any time. The majority of companies update on a quarterly basis, but with our service you can update as and when you want to – not when your on hold provider asks you to.

10. Do you install the on hold player?

Not as part of the package, but we can arrange for an engineer to install, subject to an additional charge for the installation. However, our player is childishly simple to install, even for the layman.

11. Can we hear the messages before they go live?

Absolutely, with our online studio you can view scripts or listen to recordings as and when they’re ready.

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