3 months half price

Professional Telephone On Hold

Why Use Us?

  • We’re a company that grows through great service and referrals. We don’t employ pushy sales people with £ signs in their eyes. All our packages, prices and what they include are displayed here.


  • No long term contracts. A 12 month term that continues to run on a quarterly basis until you tell us otherwise. We don’t tie you into a 3 year contract to keep you as a customer… the great service we provide does that.


  • As ‘On hold Gurus’, founded in 1994, we have all the experience you’ll need to deliver an effective on hold service which promotes your business to your callers.


  • Our online studio is open 24/7 – from there you’ll have access to 100’s of voice artists, professional on hold script writers and exciting new music tracks.

On hold benefits

  • onhold.co.uk is proven to improve sales of your products and services


  • Your company sounds more professional by engaging callers and improving the perception they have of you – especially for first time callers


  • On hold promotes your offers, achievement and information to your callers – tell them what you want them to hear