The perfect platform

Woman holds her hand near ear and listens carefully isolated on gray wall background

31 Aug The perfect platform

There are many reasons why businesses choose to use on hold messaging, the most common being to encourage callers to stay on the line. However, on hold messaging can be so much more. It has the power to entertain, comfort and can even tackle one of the biggest challenges that most businesses face… awareness.


When a company has a wide offering, their customers may not be familiar with all of the products and services that are available, often resulting in missed opportunities and lost sales. An effective way of significantly improving product awareness is to utilise an already captive audience; the caller. This way you can inform, educate and market to callers who are quite literally, all ears. You can also use this valuable time to notify customers of any new promotions, encouraging a higher overall basket spend. Never underestimate the power of a good on hold!