Reducing Risk

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03 Jun Reducing Risk

Risk. It can make your business successful, or lead to its demise. And having weighed up the potential benefits against the potential costs, you may think investing in on-hold is a risk not worth taking. But by increasing the potential benefits and reducing the costs, the risk is reduced. Drastically reduced. In fact, we believe it’s a risk not to invest in on-hold.

More than 70% of callers are on hold for an average 45 seconds….blah blah blah. You’ve heard all the stats before. But focussing on the statistics misses the point, and the point is- your on-hold is a gateway to your customers. It’s your identity, your public face, and a massive opportunity to engage with your clients.

And once it’s done it’s not set in stone. You can update your messages at any time- for seasonal promotions, new products and services or simply to re-engage repeat callers.

First impressions count, and your on-hold is your customer’s first impression of your company. So make it a good impression. On-hold isn’t a risk. It’s a necessity.