Case Study – Raspberry Beret

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05 Aug Case Study – Raspberry Beret

Raspberry Beret is a trusted data networking and office telecoms company, that recognised the importance of being able to offer their customers a reliable and effective on hold solution. The desire to grow their business offering is what prompted them to get in touch with us here at


Before reaching out to, Raspberry Beret already had a strong customer base, and therefore needed a flexible service which would allow them to offer their existing customer’s personalised add-ons, as well as creating bespoke packages for their new customers. understood these needs and got to work quickly developing a reseller programme that would perfectly suit Raspberry Beret’s requirements.


As well as being able to offer flexible programmes, Raspberry Beret also needed the process to be transparent and swift. This is so that all of their customers messaging could remain relevant and if asked, they could give an update of the progress of each recording. As have an online studio that is open 24/7 this allows for recording requests to be submitted at any time and tracked each step of the way until they’re ready to be downloaded. All recordings are also stored for future use, making it easy to revert back to a previous message if required.


Upon speaking about the different benefits of working with Jenny Tweedale, Customer Service Manager at Raspberry Beret said ‘The quality and choice of the voice artists is great and also the variety of on hold music is great too. It’s also great that we can send off for a recording / on hold message and receive it back quickly and efficiently.’