Does your on-hold need a little more oomph?

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12 Jul Does your on-hold need a little more oomph?

Call abandonment can be a pesky problem for any company, it not only creates a poor (and memorable) customer experience, but it can also significantly reduce income through lost business.  So how do we stop callers from hanging up? Entertain them! It really is as simple as that, if a caller’s engaged then they’re far less likely to feel bored or irritated and put the phone down.


So how can you entertain your callers through your on hold? A great way of doing this is to place bite size news or weather updates in between your regular promotional messages. This way all of the content is varied, and easier to digest, meaning that the caller is also more likely to pay attention to your own messages. You can also choose a topic that is specific to your customer base, such as entertainment for a hairdressers or sports for an automotive company. This means that listeners receive unique and targeted news that is more likely to peak their interest, which will of course encourage them to hang on the line.


And the best part… you don’t have to lift a finger. The latest news and weather is updated automatically every single day. How cool is that?