Author: Richard Eva

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29 Jun The end of caller abandonment?

Every on hold company out there will preach the virtue of keeping callers ‘entertained’. But in fact most on hold messages aren’t entertaining, they’re merely distracting, and distraction probably isn’t enough to stop callers from hanging up. are different. We stand for entertainment, not distraction. We understand...

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14 Jun FREE… for all!

When you have nothing to lose and potentially, much to gain, why wouldn’t you explore your options? Right now you have the option of asking our gang of nerds to produce a bespoke demo for your company so you can hear what your on-hold marketing...

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03 Jun Reducing Risk

Risk. It can make your business successful, or lead to its demise. And having weighed up the potential benefits against the potential costs, you may think investing in on-hold is a risk not worth taking. But by increasing the potential benefits and reducing the costs,...

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26 Jan Word up – Our new on hold!

Creative (adjective) – relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something. ‘Being Creative’ is an expression that I’m not comfortable with. I hear it and think of people who are far cooler than me, who live in Camden, who...

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14 Jan On Hold New Price Guarantee

Here at we strive to offer our customers the best possible deals, without sacrificing on quality. This is why we introduced our new price guarantee. Which means that if you are given a quote that’s less than we’re offering, we’ll beat that quote by 15%! There aren't bundles...

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13 Nov On Hold Audio Before & After

Go on, have a listen;     Sound fun??? When left on hold you’re so often reduced to a variation of what you’ve just heard. Companies seem to have a fear of being creative with their own on hold space. So why do senior decision makers shy away from...

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