Author: Adam Sideserf

Woman holds her hand near ear and listens carefully isolated on gray wall background

31 Aug The perfect platform

There are many reasons why businesses choose to use on hold messaging, the most common being to encourage callers to stay on the line. However, on hold messaging can be so much more. It has the power to entertain, comfort and can even tackle one...

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05 Aug Case Study – Raspberry Beret

Raspberry Beret is a trusted data networking and office telecoms company, that recognised the importance of being able to offer their customers a reliable and effective on hold solution. The desire to grow their business offering is what prompted them to get in touch with us...

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Relationship concept. Woman and man sitting on couch looking serious to each other face to face

05 May Change up your on hold!

Have you ever been stuck on hold and found yourself twiddling your thumbs and getting bored? Well, haven’t we all! But calling into a business really doesn’t have to be a chore, there are so many creative and engaging ways that businesses can keep their...

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Last will and testament form

06 Apr Case Study – Capstick Dale & Partners

Capstick Dale and Partners came to us in hope that together we could find a way of increasing their client spend, without pressuring their clients through a “hard sell” approach. After studying the key areas of business covered by Capstick Dale & Partners, we identified where...

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Onhold and voicemail

03 Jun The New Home of Onhold

Welcome to the new home of onhold, Many of you who know us know that we’ve been around since 1994 and have always been at the forefront of technology and service within the on hold marketing industry. To those that don’t… For more than...

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